Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Crib for Wendy, a Model T Pram and Mom's Day!

Mother's Day is approaching and this will be Wendy's first. Recently, her mother and grandmother came into Ms Peggie's Place in search of a miniature crib and dresser to give Wendy as a shower gift. Neither of them were miniaturists, but thought this would be a novel way to hint to Wendy of the special life sized gifts that were on their way. They later told us of Wendy's delight and the smiles the miniatures brought to the shower guests. Perhaps one day Wendy will furnish a room box with this gift and we'll be glad to help her.

Since most of the folks who visit Ms Peggie's Place are not searching for shower gifts but furnishing miniature nurseries, we do have a nice selection of baby needs from cradles and cribs, to carriages, changing tables and high chairs, as well as the accessories found in a typical baby's room, most in 1:12 scale. For those thinking ahead, we even have the Houseworks expectant mom doll, Joy.

Baby's sleeping arrangements include a handsome modern look dark wood cradle as well as a more traditional wicker bassinet trimmed in white and pink. There are the standard cribs, both simple and decorated, along with those a bit different, such as one model in white wrought iron. Changing tables are available to match or contrast as well as a cute hook arrangement for clothing.

Beautiful spring weather means outdoor trips and Ms Peggie's Place has prams and carriages including a sensational handmade one made to look like a Model T! For the baby ready to stretch her legs we have a sweet, highly detailed walker. There is also a wonderful hobby horse with an extra long mane and tail who looks like he just stepped down from an old fashioned merry-go-round, and a fine stick horse showing a lot of attitude!

The high chairs are beautiful and as the other items, come in a variety of styles, some with cushions for comfort. We also have food. And toys!  And when little ones are done sleeping, eating and riding the hobby horse there are pull toys to keep them occupied.

You'll find a number of  finely detailed miniatures of young children in the shop, in resin and other materials, and you'll certainly see one to capture your imagination. We are excited about our nursery collection and look forward to your visit. A special nursery display will be at the front of the store in May to commemorate mothers and babies and provide some ideas for celebrating them.

We hope to see you soon!

Michael Sue Nanos

Michael Sue's Tips: How to Create a Faux Braided Rug

A regular braided rug will have a solid color center, multicolor blended body and a couple of rows around the outside edge of a darker color. 

Materials for braided rugs

1" scale uses single strand of worsted weight yarn or 3 strands of 6 ply each of DMC embroidery floss braided together.

1/2" scale uses single strand of any one of these: baby weight yarn, sport weight, or fingering yarn. Or, braid 3 strands of 3 ply each from the DMC embroidery floss.

1/4" scale uses 1 strand of DMC Pearl Cotton (a 2 ply twisted floss) or 3 strands of 1 ply from the DMC embroidery floss.

(DMC floss is 6 ply)

(DMC Pearl Cotton is 2 ply twisted thread)

A good white glue is Aleene's Tacky. Some white glues will yellow after a year or so, even to the point of turning brown.


To do an oval braided rug just a few calculations are needed.

1. Cut an oval to your desired size  from ultra lightweight iron-on interfacing.
2. Mark the center with a pencil on the sticky side.
3. Measure from the center point to the outside edge of the narrowest diameter.
4. Mark the same distance in from each end.
5. Draw a light line down the center from each mark. This gives you your start line.
6. Calculating done. That was simple!
7. The rest is up to you. Color, material, design;   the technique is always the same.
8. Tack down your braid with just a dot of good white glue here and there as you wind the braid around and around the start line.
9. After the rug is all filled up, permanently iron the backing onto your braiding. This will flatten it up and give you a great bond.