Friday, March 25, 2016

Ready, set, go and a yard sale, too!

Spring is here and now is the time to activate those clean genes, repair and banish the old and tired and move in the direction of new beginnings. Ready? Let's go!

Do you remember that pile of newspapers sitting in a closet waiting to be taken to recycling? Grab them, tie them up, and send them on their way.

File and organize tax forms, school papers, and miscellaneous in folders and then store them in either an office style file cabinet or a stunning desk. If there are many articles needing arrangement, an office suite might be the way to go.

With the papers gone it's time to do some tidying. Grab the appropriate cleaning tools for your rooms and get to work!    

There! Things are looking better already!

With that charming feather in your cap proclaiming your limitless ability to make half things whole, now is the time to consider those uncompleted projects that are hanging around. You know the ones! Come on, drag them out and take them to the finish line.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Sid Samuels's dollhouse in progress

Sid's dollhouse completed and ready for his granddaughter.
There are so many ways to make an old house new again. Just the other day, Jim and Mary Bushnell (below) came by to get some ideas for revitalizing Mary's dollhouse. Originally built in 1952, it had weathered the play of children and grandchildren and was now ready for a renovation. They were concentrating on wallpapers that day. We look forward to their return and showing them what else is new since their house was built.

Fresh wallpaper is a great way to revitalize a home. Grab a roll and turn that attic into a nursery, tear down the worn out shades and put up shutters. Give that house an address, attach a doorbell. Possibilities are endless! 

If we don't have the answer, we'll find it out!
Color your world with beauty

Splendid! Things are looking great! Now, while doing all this you've probably realized that there are great empty spaces in rooms where messes used to be. Perhaps it's occurred to you that new furniture or accessories are needed to turn that house into a better home. A yard sale is just the solution. Come to ours on Saturday, June 25th, from 10:00 to 3:00.You'll find lots of treasures you didn't even know you needed, closeouts, discontinued items and vintage miniatures, and certainly a selection of what you came for in the first place. We'll look forward to seeing you there.
Now, get back to work, and have a Happy Easter!


Michael Sue Nanos

Michael Sue's Tips:

******Did you know this about super glues ?*****

1. If you put small amounts of super glues in a pistachio shell while you're working with it,  it will last longer.

2. For an instant bond apply super glue gel on one surface and a thick white glue on the other. Instant bond and longer life. (Super glues do break down.)

3.There is a spray accelerant for super glues. Apply the glue, hold the two objects together, spray. Done. Don't get on your hands; not only will you be glued but this method gets very HOT.

4. Never use super glue on clear plastic or glass. It will permanently fog it.

5. Don't put a newly super glued item in a airtight container; it will fog it.

6.Super glue is not recommended for wood. Nothing works better on wood than a good yellow or brown wood glue.

7. There are two types of super glue: regular and gel. The gel is much easier to work with and control but it is dimensional.

8. Super glue cures hard or rigid, so it's not recommended for any joint that needs to be flexible.

Watch for more glue facts to come in upcoming blogs.