Thursday, May 28, 2015


Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah! Spring has sprung and with it Memorial Day, Father's Day and the Fourth of July. This is the season we celebrate our freedom, those who have come before us and given us that freedom, and our dads. It's a period to be patriotic and grateful, and with the warmer weather  a time to appreciate the beauty of our country and outdoor play. 
Old Glory's hues of red, white and blue create a striking backdrop for projects integrating summer themes into their stories. The store has a nice selection of red-white-blue decor to add a patriotic punch to anything you desire.  There's a little wooden bear pull-toy as well as a furry bear decked out in the flag's colors, and a table with four Raggedy Ann and Andy type dolls playing a lively game of checkers. Select some pretty Americana signs to perhaps be used for party accents or placements. And don't forget our scale sized box of fireworks!

You'll find wading pools for the kids as well as barbecues for the grown-ups, one with a set of tongs attached. We have two dapper chefs to help things along, too. These beautifully detailed figurines are from Falcon and were designed by the late Marcia Backstrom. You can provide your chefs -- or preferred figurines -- with mitts, aprons and towels from our revolving selection of leisure time must haves.

 There are also several ice chests and bags of ice to complete the meal. After grilling enjoy a game of croquet.

The shop's grocery selection is outstanding...
and you'll find foods appropriate for summer picnics as well as the most formal of services. Don't miss the perfectly constructed woven basket filled to the brim with freshly picked mushrooms and if other vegetables are more to your liking you'll see them too. There is also a fully stocked shopping cart with popular household products.

The shop carries outdoor furniture...

constructed of wood,
as well as wicker...
and also some knock your socks off gorgeous hand painted nautically themed furniture. There's a wonderful chest with interior storage compartments adding to the realism of the unit.

A companion desk and chair will complement a father figure in your house.
And, if your dad enjoys fishing take a look at our selection of rods...

as well as a perfectly detailed tackle box, too diminutive to photograph. Please visit us to see it!

On the subject of things nautical, remember to take a look at our selection of sailing vessels. There are several different types, including a model of a Viking ship -- very impressive!

But if land transportation is more to your style -- or Dad's -- we have some handsome bicycles in stock, including one painted a fire engine red.

At the end of the day, after grilling or sailing and taking a little swim, a newspaper hat will put the lid on things. You'll find lots of them at Ms. Peggie's, too!
Just for fun!
We hope you'll visit us soon, and we look forward to hearing from you. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.


Michael Sue Nanos