Monday, November 11, 2019

Dolls! Dolls! Dolls!

Ms. Peggie's Place has dolls, lots and lots of beautifully finished creations to add dazzle and sparkle to your project.You'll find looking at their intricate details fascinating as well as fun. There are so many dolls that it's impossible to picture them all here. You'll just have to come in and take a look! Over the next few months we will continue to show off this beautiful collection in the context of holidays, seasons, etc.

This lady seems to have a lot to say!
It's a good thing her friend has come along to chat with her.
Notice the bustle and the fancy hairstyle.

An 1890s lady, complete with flowers in her hat.
Pure elegance.

One of the fanciest ladies around!
Baubles, bangles and beads contribute to the beauty of many of these figurines. Facial expressions make them come to life. Not all are joyous.
Notice the facial scarring.

Mother and baby.

One of the most glamorous of all.

Here's another small sample of the dolls and where they hang out.

We'll look forward to seeing you soon!


Michael Sue Nanos