Friday, October 4, 2019

Halloween Dolls and everything else

Please join us as we introduce you to our dolls set for Halloween, along with other holiday props to intrigue and mystify you. Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! There's a hand in a drawer, and magical potions to aid those in the spell casting business. You can bet that there's a black cat hidden with the Halloween treasures as well.

The witch guards our Halloween shelf where you will find a large selection of Halloween favorites. She's a figure not to be mistaken with any other, complete with all black attire, a big statement making hat and a flying broom. She's scary, but not too scary. Perhaps you can compare her to certain amusement park rides that take you to the edge of fright, but never quite go over it.

Other costumed characters will catch your eye. We are showing them here in the guise of a Halloween masquerade, but it would be a simple matter to assign them roles in "Peter Pan" or a similar tale. Two tough-looking pirates, complete with parrots on their respective shoulders look ready to protect their pirate ships or maybe just ask for a trick-or-treat.

Enjoy the butterfly catcher, and a wizard whose accessories will reinforce all the good you've heard about such characters. He's not scary, but oh, so magical. There's a clown who will charm you. All these dolls are carefully detailed. The butterfly catcher comes complete with a flowery hat with butterflies upon it, a net with a butterfly in it and tools and a jar to collect the butterflies.

The carrot topped clown sports long hair and a big red nose and gaily decorated clothing. Perhaps he's on his way to visit the wizard, a fantastic figure with all kinds of accessories to perform his magic. And when he leaves, there's a coat rack with his outer garment waiting for him.

Please join us during this colorful season and see what else you can find!


Michael Sue Nanos