Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Sometimes, it's a good idea just to sit back and think of all that we are thankful for, from dear friends to beautiful gardens to plentiful food. Celebrate all that is good in your life! Creating a dollhouse and letting your imagination soar is one way to develop new, positive feelings. Take a walk around Ms. Peggie's Place to get an idea of what miniatures can be celebrated right now.

C. is for...colors, paints and wall coverings, candies and chocolate.


E. is for...eating! The shop has everything from soup to nuts and lots between!

L. is for...lounging by the pool, on the beach, or right at home.

E. is for... the many shades of elegance, from custom furniture to accessories.

B. is for barbeques and the celebrations that go along with them. Select a grill, slap on something succulent and you're in business.

R. is for...reading. Books, newspapers, and magazines.

A. is for...animals. Dogs, cats and birds bring happiness and love into life.

T. is and other sports.

E. is for...everything else that makes life meaningful. Flowers, family.  It's all up to you.


Our late June yard sale went very well! Thank you for coming.

We look forward to seeing you at Ms. Peggie's Place!

Michael Sue Nanos

Michael Sue's Tips:

*****Must haves for your tool box*****

1. Mechanical pencil. It stays sharp and doesn't leave a permanent mark (never use a pen).

2. Metal cork back ruler. They don't move around when cutting with a razor and they don't get messed up from blades.

3. X-Acto and similar knives, and heavier ones as well, such as carpet knives.

4. Sharp blades for your cutters (change often).

5. Two pairs of scissors. One for fabric and one for everything else.

6. Tweezers (I love the pointy ones best).

7. Toothpicks.

8. A plastic lid to use as a pallet for your paints and glues.

9. A piece of Styrofoam to clean your blades, tweezers, scissors, etc. (just jab the item into the Styrofoam a few times.

10. Glue. A thick white glue, wood glue and a super glue.

Watch for the next posting for glue types and uses.