Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

It's summertime! Ms Peggie's Place has lots of cool ways to make your hot weather project fun and refreshing. We've got barbecues and the foods to go with them, wading pools and accessories and gardening supplies. Are you producing a July Fourth extravaganza? Let us help you with that, too.
The barbecues are realistic and beautifully designed and we have several, ranging in size from the largest, with a brick facade, to a kettle model which would be perfect in a compact area or beach scene.  Remember to check out our food platters and loose vegetables to add even more realism to that grill. There's raw as well as cooked food. You'll find a platter with ground meat, franks and the most realistic looking kebab all prepped to be cooked.
And of course, the quintessential hamburger patty, broiled to perfection and complete with a realistic enough looking dollop of ketchup to make H. J. Heinz weep.

Our beverages will quench any thirst, from a tempting pitcher of iced tea to the more adult drinks apropos for assembling a celebratory Bloody Mary, and most any other combinations you desire. Desserts abound, from gooey concoctions to fruit.
Our furniture collection will inspire you to find just the right spot for any food favorite. Our four-seat glider, outfitted in a blue and white stripe, presents the perfect backdrop for any backyard activity. Our lawn furniture collection also includes some delightful wickers. 

While the adults are relaxing the kids will splash in their own wading pools. There are several, all in lollipop colors, and come complete with a beach ball. There's also a great tote bag and mat set, perhaps for the supervising adult.

In our dry Southern California climate, real fireworks are often banned, but anything goes in the environment we create with our imagination. Miniature firecrackers and sparklers are available to make your project pop to life. Integrate them with Independence Day party fare for a spectacular display. We have a red, white and blue table setting as well as a snazzy punch bowl designed to show off the highlights of this patriotic holiday.

Please wander through our flower arrangements for just the right landscape accent. Our selections range from potted plants such as coleus to small bushes and even a vegetable garden. You might consider placing that vegetable garden within easy access to the barbecue for a dinner on demand. There are seed packets and a handsome seed display as well as a gardening box containing produce, flower pots, gardening books and a shovel.

We hope you'll drop by the shop. We have lots more to share with you and look forward to learning about your projects. We welcome your comments and wish you a good summer!

Michael Sue Nanos

Michael Sue's Tips: Watermelon on Ice is nice!

Here's a fun accent for your summertime party.

1. Paint a whole pecan with green acrylic paint.

2. Dry brush yellowish stripes on top.

3. Spray paint a tub with silver. Note: I have used short plastic cups; I've also cut down Dixie cups.

4. Glue in clear decorative fill or the fine tumbled glass pieces used for flower arranging. These make great ice.

5. Push your watermelon down into the ice and you are done! Some wine bottles, soda cans, beer cans, etc. are cute as well.

Tip: When making foods from clay or anything else, have the real McCoy in front of you to match color. Your mind's eye is never as accurate as your own eyes.