Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Art of Genteel Living

What is gentility? It's class, pure and simple.  In the world of miniaturists, what is desired by the artisan to be genteel, is genteel. The artisan is in charge of the world here. There is no right nor wrong, just the desire to create a design with class and how you want to define it is up to you. Just fill your project with class and the gentility will follow.

Ms. Peggie's Place is delighted to make suggestions and offer help in whatever direction your definition of genteel takes you. Each item in the shop offers just that je ne sais quoi to someone; whatever says genteel to you can be found here. The definition is truly yours.

Admire a beautiful, well-furnished room and what are you struck by first? Perhaps it's a precious tome sitting on an entryway table, or maybe it's a collection of family pictures all beautifully framed. Do you immediately lock your eyes on the low key and tasteful decor in the room? Quality books and artwork are easy things to love.

Famous works of literature give your miniature house an edge over others. Portraits of ancestors show an appreciation of history in a different way.
Classics are called just that for a reason.

People with gentility admire art and appreciate good books. Select the pictures you love and enjoy them in the frames they come with, or find something that reflects your own good taste. As you are selecting your precious pieces, also remember that tasteful art requires extraordinary furniture to bring out its true gentility.

In this Finer Things House, the residents know good food when they see it and are hip to realize that "food is good, and more is better." Select from an array of beautifully crafted entrees, side dishes, desserts, fine wines; in fact, most anything you can imagine. Barbecued ribs, pasta with sauce and other well-drenched delicacies must be served with caution in keeping with the genteel motif. However, if this is your choice, then you will certainly want to set your table with the finest linens to keep the surroundings tidy.

A wonderful stew, but be careful -- it can be messy!

Doilies are a necessary component of the genteel home.

Chocolate! Good but can be gooey, so beware.
However, with designs as tasteful as these the messy factor can often be forgiven.

Carrots, parsnip, mushrooms, onion, garlic, peppers, and a turnip getting ready for a show.
A selection of cheeses to start off a meal or accent beverages.

Wine, beer, Bloody Mary

Fine tableware frames fine foods. Paper plates are only acceptable for picnics.

Fancy cut sandwiches and a Lazy Susan with the finest baked goods are an
integral part of afternoon tea.

A child's tea set

Chinaware is your choice, and as long as it's tasteful your guests will be happy.

Along with the best linens, the well-appointed fine home features clean, fluffy towels and exotic soaps, and soft scatter rugs for the bath. Tasteful toiletries are always a good bet for the luxuriant powder room.

Powder room scatter rugs should be soft enough for a baby.

A stylish, antique-looking bathroom is not only an attention grabber but a true indicator of genteel living. Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness. However, in the genteel home it is necessary that cleanliness appear as a given; the visitor must never suspect that the occupants actually have to clean the place. Hence, the appearance of cleaners and detergents in open view is discouraged.

Don't keep them there!

Stow them here!
Many accessories so necessary for genteel living were available at our recent annual yard sale. We hope you were able to make it.

We hope to see you soon!

Michael Sue Nanos

Michael Sue's Tips

Darn! How many times have you dropped a tiny item in the pile of your rug and can't, for the life of you, locate it? Here's a very easy solution:

1. Cut a piece from a pair of discarded hose

2. Rubber band the piece over the vacuum cleaner pipe

3. Vacuum the area where the item fell and you will no doubt find it firmly held by the nylon screen.