Friday, November 28, 2014

Miracle on Cass Street!

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation made the charming movie "Miracle on 34th Street" in 1947 and remade it in 1994. A sweet drama-fantasy, the original starred Edmund Gwenn as Kris Kringle, while the 1994 version had Richard Attenborough in that role. This is a simple tale about a little girl coming around to believing in Santa, and how that faith propels a city into believing in Santa as well. 
But what does this all have to do with Ms. Peggie's Place? Well, first of all, we have an excellent array of accessories for the holiday season, including a dollhouse Santa with a remarkable resemblance to Edmund Gwenn. (If Richard Attenborough is your preference you'll have to do a little cosmetic work, but maybe not; it's all up to you.)
Our shop on Cass Street is where all kinds of little (as in miniature) miracles take place. Name what you want for this season of miracles, love and giving and chances are good that Ms. Peggie's Place has it. Begin with a pretty wreath adorned with shiny tinsel, varicolored Christmas balls and a big red bow attached. Mount a glittery Advent calender to help count the days until Christmas and offer your dollhouse people a warm drink to ponder things as you do. Good things to eat and drink are plentiful in our food department.

If your decorating scheme will feature the Chanukah Festival of Lights, we have a fine menorah to get the celebration going. Also, check out our collection of Olszewski figurines, in particular a Ted DeGrazia sculpt of a little girl carrying a menorah.

Gingerbread houses are always fun and we have one in the process of being built and another already constructed. The former would be perfect for a grandma figure to prepare and features the partially adorned house along with a scale book aptly entitled "Gingerbread Houses."  It's surrounded by peppermints and other typical hard candies used to decorate such a creation. The layout sits on a cutting board and even has a pastry bag attached.

Our assembled cottage has a sugared roof with Christmas candies affixed to it. The two windows and a door are drawn with an icing look, and a red heart adorns the area above. All in all, quite adorable!

Talking about Christmas candies, ours are so realistic you'll be tempted to dive right in and remember Christmases past. They are available both boxed and on a silver tray, appropriate for the most formal of holiday parties. Our candied apples are tops and you'll also find other confections throughout the store.

But suppose your family is done with decorating and just wants to settle down to a good read? We heartily recommend the Dr. Seuss classic, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," available here along with other children's books. And perhaps this would be a good time to write that bedtime note to Santa. We can help you there, too. And when all is said and done, a traditional stocking will complete your look.

 If you decide to set up a wrapping station to gift those books, or anything else, Ms. Peggie's Place has all the pretty wraps and bows you could desire. In fact, if your family would rather not think that hard, we also have pre-wrapped gift boxes. They're empty, but we won't tell if you won't!

Enjoy the holidays! We hope this season will bless you with all the best -- good health, dear family and friends and warm memories of Christmases past. May 2015 bring you all that you desire.

We hope to see you soon!

Michael Sue Nanos


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