Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Gateway to Summer

The Ms. Peggie's Place Yard Sale in late June was a whopping success despite the unexpectedly chilly temperatures and winds.  The annual event was accented this year by craftworking materials in addition to a large selection of dollhouse furniture, structures and accessories. Somehow, nothing flew away and it appeared that a good time was had by all.

Baubles, bangles and...
Ribbons and bows


Making the sale

Summer has begun and it's time to take stock in what we already have and what we might need in creating a summer project. But for just a moment, let's remember Betsy Ross, whom popular legend says made the first American flag. And now, move many years forward to celebrating what that flag stands for and the many ways Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, has come to signify the start of summer.

Betsy Ross

The skies are usually clear and the air is sweet. Sitting outside is preferable to lounging by the fireplace these days and a selection of lawn furniture makes this desire a reality.  Add a hammock to the mix and a beautiful summer scene is born.


Hurray for summer!
 Add as many necessities, toys and decorations as you want and you're all set.

A teapot wanting to be a watermelon?
Summer gear

Presidential Plates

Ah, but don't forget the food. Whatever you want and in whatever quantities. Some franks, burgers, a good pie. It's your choice.

Patriotic Bushel Basket by Lilly Chi

After day is done, pull up a well-cushioned place to sit down and just relax!

We hope to see you soon!

Michael Sue Nanos

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