Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Baubles, Bangles, and Trees!

Let's say one evening you return home after a whirlwind night on the town shopping for groceries or getting the car's oil changed when you chance to see this hanging in your miniature creation. It's Santa garb. There it is, a whole outfit hanging on a wooden shelf, just waiting for the jolly man to make his Christmas rounds. But what's this? You haven't thought about decorating for Christmas? Well, come see what's available to make your house into a Christmas Home.

There's no saying where you'll meet the man, or his wife, Mrs. Claus, or in fact exactly how they will look. We have a few in the store here:

One of the best Santas of all, Edmund Gwenn as he appeared in "The Miracle on 34th Street". 
Sadly, he is no longer with us.

You might recognize these Santas -- or not.

There is a grove of Christmas trees growing on Cass Street in San Diego. All of the fir variety, each one nicely manicured and decorated, they hail in the holiday season. They look real and festive and will not give the impression of sitting in a yard of artificial trees in say, Miami. Our trees look like the real thing. And, there are more to come! Visit us and see.
Kits are available for additional tree decorating ideas. 

There are lots of ways to bring that holiday feeling home. Special foods will add a kick of pizzazz and might include such favorites as seafood and gingerbread houses. Cherrystone clams on the half shell are fun to eat and a real, lifesize portion would disappear quickly, but what about a gingerbread house? Would you have the heart to dig through it?  Never mind, go as far as you want, this is all 12:1 miniatures we're talking about here!

Pretty dishware and other holiday themed accessories will lighten and brighten your rooms.

 This is not Mrs. Claus! But what if she was, and what would happen if she needed a desk to respond to letters written to her husband, Mr. Santa Claus? What sort of writing center would she want? And why wouldn't Santa respond to his own mail? Who knows, but if a nifty desk is needed, take a look at these.

This beautiful chest provides a good place to stash treasures.

A chest with treasures already stashed.

A charming red Nanny Bench upon which to sit and enjoy the festivities.

We wish for you and yours a most joyous holiday season and may 2019 bring you great joy!


Michael Sue Nanos

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